Mathew Karinen, Peer Support Specialist ( Idaho Falls)

Mathew has been working with Joshua D. Smith and Associates for about seven months.

Mathew has a Bachelor of Science in Marriage and Family Studies with an emphasis in professional and clinical work.

Mathew’s favorite part about working with Joshua D. Smith and Associates is the feeling of caring for the people they serve.    He also enjoys the variety of people he gets to meet and the learning that comes from just being at work every day.

Cherla Randall, Peer Support Specialist (Idaho Falls)

Cherla Randall received her Bachelors and her Masters Degree at Colorado Technical University.   Cherla’s degree is in Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Management.

Cherla is the Team Leader (Assistant Manager) at Joshua D. Smith and Associates.   She is a Certified Peer Support Specialist.  She also does Case Management.   Cherla has been with the agency for almost two (2) years.

Cherlas favorite thing about her job is helping others, then watching them progress and succeed.

Patti Matthews, Peer Support Specialist (Idaho Falls)

Patti graduated December 2000 from Idaho State University. Patti worked in children’s mental health for 8 years and then moved to Joshua D. Smith and associates where she has been for 9 years.

Patti has 4 daughters and 12 grandchildren.

What she likes most about her job is the flexibility and connections to the community. She enjoys the personal relationship I have with my clients that makes connections special.